about ENVIREE Krakow Summer School 2017

The ENVIREE Krakow Summer School took place on the 26-28th April 2017, at AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Mining Surveying and Environmental Engineering.

The main purpose of this Summer School was to familiarize the participants with the recovery process of Rare Earths from secondary sources. The summer school topics comprised environmental impact of REE recovery, including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and also land reclamations techniques for residues after beneficiation of the secondary sources of REE. Moreover, participants got acquainted with past mining activities and main rehabilitation in South Africa.

Presented lectures concerned the meaning of REE in the modern world and potential sources of this kind of material. Moreover, there were presented possibilities of using mine tailings after REE beneficiation in land reclamation. Lecturers also explain chemical and mineralogical characterization of secondary sources.

Members also had an opportunity to take part in field trip to ZGH Boleslaw (lead-zinc mine), where they familiarize with the process of beneficiation of lead-zinc ore. There were showed stages of this process with both equipment and machinery used.

Participants came from different countries (Sweden, Norway, France, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Germany, Poland and others). They were students, PhD students, scientists, researchers and people connected with industry and policy makers. In the Summer School took part more than 100 people.

Participation in the Summer School was free. All members got certifications of presence and gadgets from the event.

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